Warehousing is an essential aspect of the logistics business. Kobelco Logistics owns warehouses in 71 locations across the country, with core logistics centers in the Kansai and Kanto regions. Our services include the management, storage, loading and unloading of a wide range of products, with a focus on steel products.

We combine our facilities, network and know-how to provide management and delivery services that fully meet the expectations of shippers and corporate clients by anticipating their various needs, including for multi-item small lot distribution, just-in-time delivery, and cost reduction.


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Logistics Centers

Kansai Logistics Center (Amagasaki)

Located in a key junction for land and marine traffic, the Kansai Logistics Center (Amagasaki) takes the role of a relay base for delivering steel wire rods and bars to users in the Kinki area, and handles all processes from discharging to storage and distribution of products. The center has adopted a yard management system, as it handles 24,000 tons of items each month. The center works to provide services with higher added value through various new technologies, while focusing on quality control of transportation within the warehouse or steel materials.


Warehouse area: 18,383 m2/Tent house: 2,172 m2/Storage capacity: 22,600 t/ Equipment: 6 overhead traveling cranes, 5 hoist cranes, 10 forklifts

Kansai Logistics Center (Osaka)

The Kansai Logistics Center (Osaka) is located on an industrial waterfront area of Takaishi City, and it supplies steel mainly in the form of steel plates. The center carries out inventory and shipping control as the core of the 9 logistics bases in the Osaka area. A yard management system has been introduced in its warehouse, which delivers 35,000 tons of items each month. It offers high-quality logistics that is almost completely free of time lag and stress.


Warehouse area: 10,037 m2/Sheet house: 1,619 m2/Storage capacity: 38,000 t/
Equipment: 6 overhead traveling cranes, 2 forklift

Kanto Logistics Center

Located in the Kanto Area, where the demand for industrial steel materials is concentrated, the Kanto Logistics Center (Ichikawa City, Chiba) has a warehouse that is one of the largest in the country. The center performs cargo handling, storage and shipping of steel products (steel wire rods, steel bars, steel plates, iron powder).

In addition, the center responds to ever diversifying user needs promptly and flexibly, with it's computerized yard management system and by storing imported steel materials in a bonded warehouse.
*Handling volume: 70,000 t/month, shipping quantity: 3,500 t/day (150 units/day)


Warehouse area: 46,400 m2/Bonded warehouse: 14,650 m2 /
Sheet house: 1,200 m2 / Storage capacity: 120,000 t
Equipment: 24 overhead traveling cranes, 6 quay cranes, 5 forklifts, 1 transporter