Since its founding, Kobelco Logistics’ main business has been the transportation of heavy cargo, especially pressure reactors and steel castings and forgings. In addition to handling outsize and heavy lift cargo shipping from Kobe Steel’s Takasago Works, we are also able to transport silos for electric power plants and large-scale pressure reactors following the construction of chemical plants.

In the transportation of outsize and heavy lift cargo, it is imperative to comply with every law and regulation, including every traffic law. We offer transport plans that improve efficiency and minimize transport costs and times while steadfastly adhering to a wide range of laws and regulations. In addition to domestic laws, we can also meet the requirements of local laws and regulations for overseas transportation projects.

Pressure reactors are used in the desulfurization and cracking of petroleum. Kobelco Logistics received an order to transport one of the world’s largest reactors, weighing in at 1,860 tons. We oversaw the entire process: procuring the materials from Europe and loading them at port, transporting the semi-finished products by sea for assembly at the factory, and loading the products shipped from the factory onto an ocean-going ship. This order demanded an extremely sophisticated response. With the gross weight reaching 20,000 freight tons, we of course worked hard to ensure safety during loading and to eliminate any losses in handling. The reactor, which measured around 66.5 meters in length with a 6-meter diameter, needed to be secured in position with an accuracy of 20 centimeters or less. After accomplishing this feat, the shipper was quick to praise the Company, saying only Kobelco Logistics could pull off this job.