Message from the President

Kobelco Logistics is undertaking changes to establish a firm, enduring foundation and trace out a new path to sustained growth.

Since its founding in 1954, the Company has contributed to the Kobe Steel Group through the tireless pursuit of integrated, efficient logistics.

To better meet customer needs, we are currently working to strengthen our logistics capabilities by systematizing operations, leveraging logistics technologies, and utilizing alliances to ensure smooth marine, inland, and air transportation. We have cultivated these alliances over many years, transporting iron, steel, machinery, and other products. In addition, we are focused on more deftly responding to globalization, focusing on the Asian region in addition to China and India.

Moreover, amid an increasingly harsh business environment, we will take measures to drastically strengthen the cost competitiveness of our main business of steel distribution and enter new businesses and growth fields with the aim of expanding our scope and establishing a solid earnings base.

Backed by these management resources, we are looking to grow our customer base beyond the extent of the Kobelco Group while giving back to the community through our logistics services.

Our unwavering aim is to deliver goods as efficiently, safely and reliably as possible.

We will continue to leverage all the Group’s strengths to fulfill our mission of meeting customer needs as a trusted logistics professional.