Safety and Quality Assurance

To realize integrated, customer-focused transportation, Kobelco Logistics strives to ensure reliably superior logistics operations, including safe, high-quality logistics services that meet client needs. With the aim of assuredly accomplishing this goal and anticipating increasingly diverse logistics needs, the Human Resources Department, Occupational Safety & Health Department, Engineering Department, corporate headquarters, and operations departments work together constantly to improve their team capabilities. Our focus extends to heightening our employees’ sensitivity to danger and improving their skill sets through hazard training using simulations of sudden accidents in addition to offshore emergency training for dealing with maritime accidents. We are laying down a thorough risk management framework based on case studies and research results supplied by the Engineering Department.

With regard to workplace health and safety, we are carrying out a medium-term plan that covers fiscal 2016 through 2020, with the primary objective of fostering a workplace wherein all employees are motivated to assure absolute safety, ensure that they do not violate or cause others to violate rules, ensure that they do not directly or indirectly cause accidents, and prevent the recurrence of any accident. We aim to quickly establish a consistently safe workplace

Underpinning our safe, high-quality logistics, is technological expertise. Since its launch in 2011, the Engineering Section’s catchphrase has been: Treating Logistics as a Science. Our logistics services originally relied heavily on the experience and personal intuition of our personnel. However, employing a range of sensors installed at every level of operations, the section has gathered observational data, conducted experiments and performed analyses in an effort to objectively quantify our logistics data. Under the motto of Improving Efficiency, Safety, and Eco-friendliness, the section is using this data to differentiate our logistics services from those of competitors. In addition, the section undertakes joint research and development with universities and industry peers as part of its consistently forward-looking initiatives.

[Major Developments in Transportation Technology]

  • A start-stop system for worksite locomotives; Patented (publication number: 2015-042520); FY2014 Energy Conservation Award
  • A wire-rod pallet for container shipping; Patented (publication number: 2015-013656)
  • Sky-Justerâ„¢, a device that aids in the loading and unloading of cargo at ports; Developed a new functional component in conjunction with Obayashi Corporation
We periodically hold Skill Competitions to improve employee skill sets.
We arrange meetings with industry peers to exchange technical advice.