Domestic Group Companies

Shinkyo Kaiun’s fleet currently comprises a total of 20 ships, including 3 company-owned, 13 time-chartered, and four spot-chartered. The company is a subcontracted ship operator for Kobelco Logistics and handles the type of mass cargo transportation only possible with coastal ships. Shinkyo Kaiun is working to reinforce safe operations and to secure cargo other than steel products to aid in stably securing ships and improving operational efficiency.

The 199-ton, leading-edge Shinkyo Maru No. 3 was completed in July 2012 and can transport around 700 tons—equivalent to 70 trucks loaded with 10 tons of cargo. The ship is operated by three individuals: the captain, chief mate, and chief engineer.

Kobelco Logistics Kakogawa Building, 4F, 2956 Shinobe, Befu-cho, Kakogawa, 675-0131, Japan
Phone : +81-79-436-2307 / Fax : +81-79-436-2385
Founded: July 1981
Capital: ¥50 million
Industry: Coastal shipping
Licenses: Coastal shipping, freight transporting, coastal ship chartering
Equipment: three owned ships and 17 chartered ships
Representative: Kazuki Imanishi
Employees: 12

Showa Koyu supplies and distributes bunker fuel, marine lubricants, and marine oil products mainly around the Osaka Bay area as a dealer for Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. The company puts safe operations and environmental protection first and, with three tankers in its fleet, quickly responds to customer needs.

Showa Koyu has recently begun to engage in the distribution of fuel and oil products onshore. Making use of the distribution network of Idemitsu Kosan, the company can now supply these products anywhere in Japan.

Mitsui Seimei Kobe Sannomiya Building, 9F, 119 Ito-machi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, 650-0032, Japan
Phone : +81-78-332-1161 / Fax : +81-78-332-1396
Founded: April 1990
Capital: ¥20 million
Industry: Petroleum product distribution
Licenses: Class I freight forwarding
Equipment: three tankers
Representative: Toshihiko Orikata
Employees: 12

As a member of the International Airline Transport Association (IATA), Airmodal Service, Inc. (ASI) handles integrated maritime and air cargo transportation for importers and exporters. The company provides transportation services optimized for customer requests and the unique properties of the cargo, as opposed to the packaged mixed-freight services of major freight forwarders.

ASI’s mission is to quickly provide reliable and safe transportation services. The company has established a network with not only domestic companies but also logistics partners in 100 major cities around the world. In particular, ASI is leveraging the Kobelco Logistics Group's unique know-how to transport special cargo, such as helicopters and heavy cargo for plants. The company plays a central role in Kobelco Logistics’ strategic field of international integrated transportation and is steadily building up its performance record.

Kobe Air Cargo Terminal (K-ACT), 1F, 4-16 Koyo-cho Higashi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe, 658-0031, Japan
Phone : +81-78-857-2931 / Fax : +81-78-857-1788
Founded: August 1985
Capital: ¥50 million
Industry: International air cargo agency (IATA-certified)
Licenses: Class I freight forwarding, class II freight forwarding
Representative: Shinya Ikeda
Employees: 11

Shinriku is a general trucking company and class I freight forwarder and owns vehicles compliant with safety standards (maximum loading capacity of 20 tons). The company transports mainly wire materials to clients in the Kinki region from its base at Kobe Steel’s Kakogawa Works. Shinriku owns side dump flatbed trucks that can transport a number of various heavy steel plate products. All vehicles are fitted with on-board safety equipment, such as dashboard cameras and backup cameras, with the aim of eliminating any traffic accidents and maintaining the quality of products transported.

In June 2011, Shinriku replaced its trailers capable of carrying two 8-ton coils with lighter weight trailers capable of carrying three of the same coils, thus realizing energy savings by improving its loading capacity utilization.

1874-5 Ikeda, Onoe-cho, Kakogawa, 675-0023, Japan
Phone : +81-79-423-3266 / Fax : +81-79-423-3360
Founded: July 2001
Capital: ¥10 million
Industry: Trucking
Licenses: General trucking, class I freight forwarder
Equipment: Five tarp-covered semitrailers (20-ton capacity), nine semitrailers (21-ton capacity), one side dump semitrailer (18-ton capacity), one lighter weight semitrailer (29-ton capacity)
Representative: Takahide Michioka
Employees: 22