CSR Measures

We aim to realize fair and transparent management and fulfill social responsibility through business activities.

We formulated the Corporate Code of Ethics to codify our ideals of behavior as we drive toward these goals. Outlined within this code, the Corporate Ethical Principles constitute a universal policy intended to guide all of Kobelco Logistics, that is, both top management and employees, when conducting corporate activities. To facilitate the execution of this policy in day-to-day operations, we established the Standards of Corporate Conduct. As a general logistics company, we aim to prosper hand in hand with society while helping to protect the environment, giving back to the community and upholding laws, regulations and social norms.

As part of efforts to tap the potential of diverse human resources, the Company supports the hiring of non-Japanese individuals in addition to people with disabilities. Aiming to improve our organizational capabilities through fair compensation and respect of diversity and to fulfill our corporate social responsibility, we promote the hiring of such individuals, confident that they will develop into sources of strategic strength.

Our employees give back to the community in a variety of ways, including by participating in neighborhood crime watch programs, cleaning up public areas, mentoring youth, and engaging in other volunteer activities. And, in addition to inviting groups from schools and public institutions on guided tours, the Company occasionally opens its facilities to local residents.

These and other corporate citizenship activities are intended to help establish strong bonds of trust and ensure our harmonious coexistence with local communities. Our employees constantly strive to build a brighter future even as they grow as individuals by giving back to the community.

We recognize that our principal mission is to ensure a healthy global environment for future generations by proactively addressing issues related to preserving the environment and creating new habitats.

We hereby state that we have established the following action guidelines and each of us will put them into practice to reduce our environmental impact while protecting the bountiful environment surrounding us.

  • We will continually work to improve the environment, including by building an environmental management system and periodically revising it.
  • We will strive to prevent pollution in accordance with relevant laws and regulations as well as agreements with ports and regions.
  • We will work to create new logistics systems with low environmental impact with the aim of improving services.
  • We will work to reduce energy use, reduce waste, and practice the 5 Rs to reduce our environmental impact.
  • We will educate employees and affiliates in an effort to raise environmental awareness.

Kobelco Logistics, Ltd.

Michihide Iwasa President & CEO